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Rock Balancing

Get the Support and Care you Deserve

You've made the epic step to explore important aspects of your mental health, you can do hard things with understanding and commitment to increased self awareness.

What previous patients have said...

"I was really struggling and had no idea where to start when I began therapy. Heather was great at sorting through and prioritizing my needs and targeting my biggest issues. I feel more confident in myself and can now face challenges with new found positivity and perspective."

Miranda L.

"Transitioning from middle school to high school during a pandemic was hard enough, but adding mental and emotional struggles added extra challenges for my son. Heather got my son through the most difficult time and provided him with lifelong strategies and guidance that will continue to support him."

Sarah J.

"Heather was able to connect with my daughter on a level that has truly benefited her overall well-being and helped her learn how to functionally deal with her anxiety. Her therapy approaches have helped my daughter open up to not only myself, but a whole new world of possibilities."

Jeff D.

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