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Outpatient Eating Disorder Therapy

Disordered eating often appears as a fixation on food and changing your body, but under the surface, it serves as a way to meet emotional needs and find a sense of control. You don't have to continue to exist in the cycle of guilt, shame, and disordered behaviors.


Perhaps you are here because you appear “to have it all together” on the surface, but underneath you feel the exact opposite. Or perhaps you are here because you have experienced challenges and obstacles that have led you to lead a life that goes against your values and have difficulty envisioning your future. No matter where you are, I want to meet you there. I specialize in helping people who are struggling with eating disorders, experiencing difficulty navigating life transitions, coping with perfectionism, low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression.


Together we will work to identify triggers, develop healthy coping skills and build distress tolerance without avoiding your emotions. Reaching out for help can feel overwhelming and even a little bit intimidating. Know that you don't have to keep trying to do this on your own.


My therapy approach is holistic and insight-oriented, focusing on connecting past experiences to present emotions and coping. I utilize therapeutic techniques that integrate thoughts and feelings to facilitate self-awareness, inner acceptance and peace, and emotional tolerance.


Outpatient therapy services for eating disorders are multidimensional in that they often include a therapist, dietitian, primary care doctor, and a psychiatrist.

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